Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Internet Hiatus

Hello all 3 of you who read this (;

In the next couple of days I am going to begin the long put off "internet hiatus". I am somewhat known for my periodic exits from the online socializing world (texting too); so this really should not come as a surprise.

For my own self control (or rather because I lack it??) I'm just going to make this blog "private" or "deactivate" it or whatever. I really am giving no one an alternative to reach me for only those who see me in real life (or who call me on the phone) will actually have a way to get a hold of me!

I will be back eventually. I may even type up some good "blogs" to post after my hiatus; who knows? (:

I wish to redeem the time I have and not even be tempted to use more time online than I ought to. Perhaps this is very selfish of me... but considering I will be help accountable for my actions and stewarding the time and life God has given me... I really think my decision cannot be COMPLETELY selfish. (:

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