Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too Much

I try and blog but I end up having too much to say... and I never finish my posts. So I have several drafts needing finishing that I know will never be finished. Well? Oh well. Instead I will write of other things on my heart.

So, what is one my heart? What am I willing to spill to the blogging community? The desires of my heart. At least one. How I feel, what I look forward to.

Love. Don't we all look for it? We search high and low, left and right, yet it always seems to be just out of reach. That's simply because everyone searches in the wrong places. Say what? That's right. Each day I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love... with the most perfect lover of all. He is so selfless and gave up everything because of His love for me. How incredible! To truly know love and be capable of loving... we must fall in love with the Creator of love. He is the very essence of love. Now I'm getting sidetracked. Christ is the most perfect form of love and to love him is to be satisfied.

This is what excites me! Since I'm traversing down a path where I am seeking the Lord with all my heart... I find so little time to worry about finding love and that special guy. Instead I'm filled with unspeakable joy at the future. I see it this way: It's not simply about falling in love and living happily ever after with someone. It's about finding a like minded person who is so in love with Christ... then you fall in love with each other and together you further his kingdom! Because of your love for Christ and the love you two share all that matters is living to glorify the Heavenly Father.

I wish I could explain exactly how I see it in my head. But I really have no idea how. That's the basic gist of it.

Love for Christ, love for another... loving to love Christ and glorify him.

Sigh. It is so much more amazing than I am explaining... but I'll end with that note.

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