Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oh the beatings of my heart, the poundings surrounding all that I am and echoing into the darkness. A breath, a blink... I'm alive I feel it. But more than that... I'm alive because I sense a Holy and Mighty God breathing life and love into me a little more each waking moment.

And I'm filled with so much poetry, words, music, passion, and desire! I long to write beautiful and wondrous lines and phrases, capturing but a glimpse of the depths of my love for Him.

I want all that is in me to overflow and be poured out as an offering to Him, to share Him, to convey all that is in me because of Him, all these feelings, thoughts, longings, and desires. To share what He is teaching me.

But how? There is some interpretation... lost from the soul to my mind, I cannot truly express what the soul feels, because it is soulful, and words are merely mindful.

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