Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Judah: A Most Beloved Entertaining brother!

I must share with you some moments that make me laugh and bring my heart such joy (and also cause me to slap my forehead as well!) in regards to the youngest of the family: Judah. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am for the time we spend together! I can say, with no guilty feelings, he is my FAVORITE younger brother (for he is my only younger brother!) and I would not trade the moments we have had this past year for ANY degree from college. (:

At church Sunday night, following the hymns and teaching, there was a small celebration in honor of the graduates within the church community. People instantly gravitated toward the food after the formalities. As we stood in line my younger brother, Judah, and I were talking of how next week, for the fellowship following church, it was a dress "old fashioned" theme; with a very straight face I said to Judah, I guess I don't need to change my attire... for it is pretty old fashioned to wear such long skirts. Judah grins and says: Well, it may be old fashioned for that... length... but... YOU aren't really old fashioned, at least... not in a fashion sense... for you are pretty old fashioned in a lot of things but... I mean... well... you look very stylish and uhh modern... and pretty in your long skirts... uhh. At this point I am chuckling, so I said, Yes perhaps I am old fashioned in my modest dress, but perhaps not so much in the old style. To this he gives a literal and loud sigh of relief and says, YES; I was trying to compliment you without offending you but it wasn't coming out right... so I laughed! Judah and I have the best moments together (:

Today, when I got home from work, my mom and Judah were cleaning out the closet that is in my room. I jumped right in to help to accomplish the job faster AND get all that junk off my floor (: As we were sorting through old stuffed animals, toys, clothes, etc. Deborah is "awwing" over everything and is not letting us throw/give away ANYTHING for it had "sentimental" value; I am sentimental too... but when my entire family tends to be packrats, I then rise to be ruthless! So I say, no, get rid of it there is NO point in keeping this or that. We must be ruthless crew! Judah joins in my cry and adds his own point: we must be heartless men! he proclaims. I then scrunch my face at him and said... no, just ruthless, not heartless! He rolls his eyes, Deborah is hugging all her old stuffed animals, and Judah says: Well, one person we know who wasn't Ruthless... Boaz! H'yuck H'yuck h'yuck! I chuckled; Deborah and my mom didn't get it so I explained how clever Judah is(; A little while later I notice that we had BLUE LIKE JAZZ on Bekah's bookshelf, in astonishment I demanded to know why this horrendous book was in my room! My mom exclaims GET RID OF IT IMMEDIATELY! I said, well I will sell it to half price books.. I might as well make some money of this heretic. Judah is instantly curious as to why I am suddenly so animated... I then say, might as well called it blue like blasphemy! Judah then asks what a heretic is, and I explain it to him. He then joins in the poking fun at this book.

The other night Judah and I were in the kitchen and he suddenly looks up at me and asks if we have any kool aid. I said no and with a bemused smile asked why (for I am expecting a Judah thought to spill out) and he says, oh, well I heard once that someone put kool aid in a coffee maker and made like... koolaid/coffee but without the coffee. We should do it! I then give my laughing consent and told him I would pick some up on my home from work. So, today, we made his coffee made kool aid.

Daily Judah comes into my room whenever I am studying; he generally, with an exasperated tone, declares he is bored. With a bemused smile (always) I ask if he has read any more of the book I let him borrow. He then throws up his hands in feigned annoyance and says: LEAH! It is SUMMER... Suuummmmerrrr, it is a sin to read in the summer! I then tell him, Judah you cannot say such things, for it isn't true, that is NOT a sin! And why would you accept my book if you didn't plan on reading it? To this he has no answer and then shuffles out my door (I cannot tell you how many times this scene has happened! haha!)

Whilst sitting at church before service started Judah leans over and says, Leah, I NEED 250 moneys before December. I gently say, Judah, you do not NEED that money, you only WANT it. He then adamantly declares it is most definitely a NEED. Then, with a bemused smile, I ask why. He plans to buy some gaming device. I suppress rolling my eyes and instead engage him. Judah, I say, I have asked you to wash and wax my car... and I would pay you! He then says, Leaaahhh, I didn't plan on "working" for it! (His words are dripping with sarcasm)-and one look from me and he says: Kidding; so, how much are you paying me?? I reiterate the same pricing as before. Then we move on to how he can mow lawns; to this he says, well... I actually wanted to pressure wash peoples driveways and anything else. I then ask what is keeping him from accomplishing his goal; to this he says well MAYBE the power washer is broken; I then demand to know how he knows it's broken without further investigation; to this he slumps a little and says... touche!

The most blessed is when he sees my light on in the late hours and comes in and asks "Whatcha doing?" And then, for he knows I am always reading, we talk about the bible, church truth, theology, doctrine... and this lasts for hours! Those nights bring my soul great joy!

This one funny moment is about both my brothers: Micah (22) and Judah (14). A few Sundays ago ALL of the siblings were at church... at one point in the sermon Brother Alan made a comment about "Dad's don't let you daughters out the door half dressed!" to this Micah and Judah share some funny joke... and it is whispered down the line, soon everyone is chuckling, except me(for I did not hear it). Once church was let out I asked what was so funny... and Judah or Micah (I cannot remember) then pass along person of the joke: Me. Why? When the afore mentioned comment was made, Micah said something along the lines of I can NOT believe Dad would allow Leah out of the door at anytime! To this, I suppress my grin, and then with a very straight face say, hardy har har you guys. (: For it is the running joke in the family to tease me about such things as modesty (among other things)... for it is insinuated I am the "most modest" and somewhat strange for wearing skirts every day!

Another funny moment (they seem to be endless!) was Judah walks in my room and says, Leah, want to watch a movie?? With a bemused smile, I say depends on what the movie content is. He then rolls his eyes and with a HUGE sigh goes, Ohhhh yeaaahhh, if it's not productive, you probably won't watch it! I laugh and say, I never said such a thing! He then rolls his eyes again and says, I know... but just AHH! He walks out mumbling (:

My favorite moments are when we play bananagrams together. I could not even BEGIN to tell you the hilarity of such times!

Judah and I differ on the premise of sarcasm verses facetiousness, but we always end up laughing about a lot of things the other says anyways! I find such enjoyment in all such moments with my family members!

I can't help but feel the joy welling up in my heart. Often times it can be disheartening; it seems that no one seems to notice if you are set apart or not. (Not that this matters... but it is still disheartening anyways). I live a quiet life and half the time do not believe I am impacting ANYONE. But it's moments like these when my wonderful younger brother, who knows me so well and sees the parts of me those who do not live at home cannot see, notices I am different. It's when I see but a glimpse of how my family sees me that my soul is bolstered in the grace of the Lord! People often question me as to why I wear skirts all the time, so I know people think me strange. But, when my fourteen year old brother notices my speech, dress, and conduct (and it only humbles me that such grace is prevalent in my life), and the consistency of it... and not only notices and silently watches me in this... I cannot think of what would afford me greater pleasure.

With humility I must walk. By God's grace, I am who I am. And in these funny moments, yet not so funny all at once, I am blessed to know that perhaps the Lord is allowing some light to shine after all.


Pamela Matthews said...


Not only does Judah watch, but he listens AND takes these things of the LORD to heart...

You are a good big sister -


Leah said...


Thank you for your sweet encouraging words. (: